Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health

Approach to Health Through the Vibrations of Consciousness


Here you can test whether your device is able to play the sound streams. Below you should see a control bar for the sound player. When you click on the little arrow at the left side, a short sample sound (recitation of first Sukta of Rig-Veda) will be played. If you can hear this sound, your device is setup properly to play the treatment sessions.

If you see the progress indicator moving but you don't hear anything, check the audio settings of your device and make sure that loudspeakers are connected and turned on.

If instead of the control bar only the message "...Player loading..." is displayed, then your web browser or operating system does not support the streaming format HLS used for this service. Please try again with another (more modern) browser or other device.

...Player loading...

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