Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health

Approach to Health Through the Vibrations of Consciousness

Frequently Asked Questions

95% of the website users find the system works smoothly for them, but if you are experiencing trouble you may benefit from reading in this sec- tion the answer to the most frequently asked technical questions.

1) I applied for the service, but when I reached the payment page where I had to give my credit card number I got stuck.

You may have used the back arrow in your browser sometime during the application process (instead of the button provided to go back within our website). Because we are using a secure server, this dis- rupts the process. Please close your browser and start the application process again.

2) I have not received the confirmation email with the treatment code.

Please check the spam folder of your email account. Most likely the mail ended up there.

3) I have to postpone a session. What to do?

If due to unforeseen circumstances you have to interrupt or postpone all or part of your sessions until a later date, this is not a problem. Just go to the website whenever it is possible for you again and select "RECEIVE TREATMENT" once more. A session that was not marked as completed will be presented again. Only after calling a session a cer- tain number of times without clicking the button "Finished Listening", the system will automatically move to the next session.

4) One session was not successful, as far as receiving the sound smoothly. Can I repeat it?

Occasionally you may experience a "start and stop" situation in accessing the sound stream of a session. Please note that smooth access to your sessions will depend mainly on the quality of your Internet connection (broadband is better).

However if, for whatever reason, you experience such a situation with a session or two, just do not click the button "Finished Listening" at the end. Instead select "RECEIVE TREATMENT" from the main menu some time later again to repeat the session.

Should the problem persist, we can only advise you to try again with another computer or Internet connection.

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