Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health

Approach to Health Through the Vibrations of Consciousness


The physical body is the transformation of consciousness into physiology. There is a point in this process of transformation where the relationship of consciousness and physiology is very delicate. That is the focal point of the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health. Therefore, any disorder can be delicately handled from this area — from this meeting point of consciousness and physiology.

Here is a quote from Maharishi about the relevance of the Vedic Sound therapy:

"Consciousness flows through sound. Speech expresses consciousness or the Self or Atma. The Self expresses itself in its own reverberations, which we say is sound. Sound is a basic value of the physiology. Sound is basic to all physiological expressions, therefore the approach through sound will be nourishing and evolutionary to every aspect of the physiology, because it is more basic. Vedic Sound Therapy is able to remedy the disorder and promote order.

Raja Raam (Prof. Nader) has shown that every aspect of the physiology is an expression of the corresponding aspect of sound present in the Vedic Literature. Whatever has made the physiology, that alone can remedy it, if something wrong has gone into it. Treat the cause to amend the effect! Consciousness is the cause and the effect is the physiology, therefore the consciousness approach to any disorder will be a very right approach to completely remedy the disorder."

Societal Relevance

Authority in medicine is vested in the ability of the system to prevent disorders. Any system that cannot prevent development of chronic diseases must open up for new alternatives now that a better system of health care is available. With the discovery of consciousness at the basis of physiology the approach to health has been provided with the opportunity to use less medicines which besides their desired effects were producing harmful side effects too.

Physical disorders can be remedied from the level of consciousness — reverberations of consciousness can repair the damage done to the physiology through the use of unnatural materials and procedures.

The Approach to Health through the Vibrations of Consciousness is expected to provide freedom from side effects of medicine — particularly modern medicine — because the Approach to Health through the Vibrations of Consciousness handles the cause to eliminate the disorder and to repair the damage on the level of the effect.

Any system of medicine that permits harmful side effects and declares many diseases to be chronic — irreparable — was permitted as long as there was no alternative. But now, thank God, the direct approach to eliminate the cause of disorders on the level of consciousness has been discovered in the most ancient literature — the Veda — which provides the mechanics of transformation of consciousness into physiology and is able to prevent disorders in the first instance, promoting balanced functioning in the physiology.

The impulses of consciousness restore the memory of the physiology for its natural functioning, which is an evolutionary functioning — healthy, happy, enjoyable functioning.

We are promoting the consciousness-based approach to prevention of disorders and balanced functioning. The main objective is relief and therefore it is not the system that is important. It is the effect that is most desirable.

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